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Harleen author Stjepan Šejić wrote a new story with his glimpse into Harley"s life post-Joker, và it teased a series with Poison Ivy that fans need!


Warning: Spoilers for Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special Ahead!The creator of Harley Quinn's đen Label series Harleen has returned & teased a much-needed Poison Ivy series. So far 2022 has been a pretty big year for Poison Ivy. Not only did she get a bit more of a spotlight in HBO Max's third season of Harley Quinn, she also received her first solo Poison Ivy comic series in a while created by G. Willow Wilson & Marcio Takara. This new DC series focuses on the villainess enacting her most devious plot yet: ending all of humanity with a fungus directly out of The Last of Us. The series has gained so much attention và popularity that it was recently announced that the comic would no longer be limited. Instead, it will continue with brand-new issues as an ongoing series. This doesn't mean that Ivy is limited lớn being only in Wilson và Takara's series though as she has other interesting stories to lớn tell, và this new tale could come in the size of one of DC's best authors.

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Stjepan Šejić is best known for his groundbreaking modern take on Harley Quinn in his thủ đô new york Times bestselling graphic novel Harleen. This story explores Harleen Quinzel before being changed by the Joker. The comic took a look at how she got into Arkham Asylum to lớn begin her work, her first interactions with Joker & Poison Ivy, và the moment that changed her life forever as she crossed the line into villainy. It's a story that's been praised by fans of the character for giving Harley Quinn a fresh perspective. Now, Šejić has returned lớn write & draw a new Harley story in her big 30th anniversary comic special, & it's sure lớn make readers want a new comic focusing on Ivy and Quinn.

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Šejić's story in Harley Quinn's 30th Anniversary Special called "Submissive" focuses on Harley trying to prove khổng lồ Catwoman that she's independent & doesn't need khổng lồ follow in the footsteps of anyone to lớn make it on her own. Things go south, though, when she fights the Penguin and Poison Ivy steps in khổng lồ save her...proving Catwoman's point in the process. However, it's not as cut-and-dried as fans may think. Šejić actually shows layers to lớn not just Harley's character, but also Ivy. In a moment before rescuing Harley, Ivy has a heart-to-heart with Catwoman where she talks about her fears that Quinn will revert và go back lớn the Joker after coming so far. This is the more vulnerable side of Ivy that makes her an interesting character and Šejić shows it off in a way that would make for an excellent sequel series khổng lồ Harleen.

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What's even better is that Stjepan Šejić is the perfect writer/artist to make a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy romance story because of his experience with his Image Comics series Sunstone. The thắm thiết comedy has great chemistry for its female leads & highlights their vulnerabilities while making the romance work. This is something that Šejić could easily bring to lớn a Harleen sequel because there's so much built-up personality behind these beloved characters. Making it take place shortly after Harley leaves the Joker could give her some internal conflict exploring the difficulties of leaving that type of relationship. Meanwhile, Ivy fears for Harley's well-being as she tries to protect her friend and eventually becomes her girlfriend.

There's so much potential for a Šejić-helmed Poison Ivy series that explores their romance, & it can all work as shown through this short story he crafted for Harley's 30th anniversary. The set of drama và inner-conflict could continue the character study that made this version of Quinn so memorable while also bringing a new version of Ivy to light. If Šejić were to lớn get a chance at this type of comic, it would completely redefine the Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy relationship just lượt thích he did with Harleen.