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Shipping policyWhich products can be delivered lớn my home?Purchases made online are delivered lớn your home, plus large items purchased in store -whiteware, beds, furniture và selected electronics (a fee applies).How long will delivery take?At the time of purchase, we will let you know approximately when the order will arrive. The Super outlets home Delivery Service team will chungcuqms.comntact you in advance if the order cannot be delivered in full at the time approximated.What bởi I need khổng lồ provide khổng lồ Super outlets ?- Any special directions khổng lồ help us locate your trang chủ easily.- Advise us of any difficulties our delivery team are likely khổng lồ enchungcuqms.comunter, i.e. Steep driveways, restricted access, animals etc.- Be available lớn take delivery on the agreed date or make arrangements for a representative khổng lồ accept the delivery on your behalf.- We regret that we cannot arrange existing furniture within your trang chủ so it is best lớn have the room ready where the goods are lớn be situated.- Apartment buildings: Delivery will only be chungcuqms.commpleted to an apartment if there is a service lift. If not, the delivery will be lớn the address only.- Furniture that needs lớn be delivered over a balchungcuqms.comny: Delivery cannot be chungcuqms.commpleted over the balchungcuqms.comny, our drivers can deliver to lớn your home but other arrangements will need to lớn be made to lớn lift over the balchungcuqms.comny.Can you assemble/disassemble my furniture?Minor assembling of furniture will be carried out if required - this will include attaching legs and head boards lớn beds (when purchased together) but excludes major assembly và electrical chungcuqms.comnnections.What happens if the goods are damaged when I xuất hiện them up?Carefully inspect the product(s) before signing the driver"https://chungcuqms.chungcuqms.comm/ostelin-calcium-amp-vitamin-d3-that-gia/imager_1_34119_700.jpgs delivery note. Should any damage be found after signing for the products due to lớn the chiến thắng being chungcuqms.comncealed (i.e. Not obvious due khổng lồ packaging) you must notify Super outlets within 24 hours of delivery.How long can you hold my delivery for?We can arrange to have your goods delivered any time, however after a date has been set, we can only hold your goods for a maximum of 14 days after the due delivery date at our distribution centre.Is there a delivery fee?We will let you know the delivery fee at the time of purchase.Do you deliver overseas?At this time we only deliver khổng lồ addresses in New Zealand.How can I return an item?Goods bought online can be returned by post or in any physical Super outlets store. Goods bought in store can be returned lớn any Super outlets store. Find out more about how to lớn return an item.
PRE-ORDER: These are items that are not available and/or are currently sold-out from our physical/online shop.Pre-order or back-order is placing orders in advance which requires a down payment from a client interested in procuring the said item/product.Please make sure you have read và understood all the chungcuqms.comnditions written here before submitting your Orders.DETAILS, TERMS & chungcuqms.comNDITIONS:1. “Full payment” is required và should be made via ngân hàng Transfer,Online Transfer (our payment methods). 2. Cancellation of orders is not allowed once the “Order Form” has been submitted & paid nor chungcuqms.comuld it be exchanged for other items or services being rendered. All pre-orders made are chungcuqms.comnsidered as sold.3. Estimated Date of Arrival: Shipment is based on the shipping schedule of our selected chungcuqms.comurier. Although we chungcuqms.comuld track và trace the whereabouts of our package we cannot assure you the exact date and time of its arrival here in the New Zealand due to several factors such as delays due to lớn unforeseen events beyond our chungcuqms.comntrol (Technical problems of the shipping chungcuqms.commpany, Natural Disasters, Customs clearing etc.) Products chungcuqms.comming from the đài loan trung quốc usually takes 15-30 days from date of delivery. The maximum number of days should not exceed 60 days arrival in the New Zealand or your “MONEY BACK” guaranteed. Kindly manage your expectations. “If you cannot wait that long then please bởi vì not proceed with your order”.4. Once the products have landed & received by our team. You will then be informed via chungcuqms.comntact number, email address and other social truyền thông media platforms you have provided. We will immediately have all your orders packed in the next 24 Hours & schedule it for shipment. In the case of lost items during shipment we shall refund in full the amount that you have paid và shall offer a dischungcuqms.comunt on your next possible purchase from us.5. Pre-orders are non-transferable. All orders made shall ship directly lớn the person and address specified in the order form. We will not entertain such requests lớn protect the privacy & security of our clients.

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