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The SmallBusiness Guide

The Small Business Guide provides helpful information, link to valuable resources, and outlines the steps for starting and operating a business in chungcuqms.comshington state. The Small Business Guide is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, & Chinese.

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The guide includes sections that will help you plan, run, grow, or close a business in chungcuqms.comshington State.

We know regulations, you know your business, together we"ll make a great team that will keep your business on track with state, federal, and local regulations. We also have tools và resources to help you get started with your business & then khổng lồ keep it running smoothly, here are a few of the most popular ones:

The Small Business Guide includes sections that will help you plan, start, run, grow, or close a business in chungcuqms.comshington State và it"s available in many languages.
Use the online "Payroll Calculator" to lớn estimate payroll costs. There are two different calculators, one for hourly employees & the other for salaried employees.
Step-by-step, this tool asks you questions to lớn build a checklist of things you"ll need lớn do & permits you"ll need to lớn consider when licensing your business.

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Corporate/Entity Registration

Registering your corporation is not the same as licensing your business, yo...

Whether you"re being audited by a state agency, trying to get the right permits to lớn expand your business, or just need to lớn clarify something simple, you may need a liên hệ at one of the state agencies to lớn help you.

The Small Business Liaison Team (SBLT) consists of representatives from 27 agencies. Our mission is to listen khổng lồ businesses, then drive action to make it easier to vì chưng business in chungcuqms.comshington state. A primary goal of the SBLT is khổng lồ have an informed small business community capable of understanding & ultimately complying with the state’s licensing và regulatory requirements. The team chungcuqms.coms formalized và expanded in Executive Order 12-01. acts as facilitator for monthly SBLT meetings. Subgroups develop outreach programs, solicit ideas for regulatory improvement & develop new business tools.

Major accomplishments includeUpdating, maintaining, and increasing the visibility of the Small Business GuideHosting presentations from state agencies và outside sources that provide services in support of small businesses
A few of the past SBLT accomplishments includeTranslations in PDF size of the comprehensive Small Business Guide (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese và Russian); Participation in statewide business forumsTwo videos, prepared by the chungcuqms.comshington Department of Labor & Industries, Employment Security & the chungcuqms.comshington Department of Revenue in response lớn requests from business owners, with information on audits và taxes.

Additionally, the team has collaborated with local và regional small business assistance centers và invited business owners to provide direct feedback to the SBLT on their experience working with state agencies.

Meet some of the Liaisons, learn about Small Business programs at state agencies, find out how you can join a forum discussion with the SBLT