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The pine forest, isolation & cool air make visitors feel like staying in houses in the European suburbs.

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Amaya Retreat in Lam Truong village, Minh Phu commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi is a newly opened resort , nearly 40 km from the thành phố center, so it is suitable for a weekend getaway , temporarily away from the đô thị to return home. Relax by the pine forest, breathe in the fresh air. The luxury resort has a total of 12 bungalows with 16 bedrooms & a wooden villa suite with a private pool.

Rooms have warm và elegant tones, a set of local rustic style & European chalet. In the room there are many large glass windows, khổng lồ see the full view of the pine forest. If you’re lucky, you might see squirrels right from your bedroom. A night stay here costs from 2.5 million chungcuqms.comD a night on weekdays, Saturday night from 2.9 million chungcuqms.comD.

The most expensive villa with a private swimming pool costs from 11.4 million chungcuqms.comD. However, the resort also has its own swimming pool with water temperature adjusted to lớn be able to lớn bathe in four seasons. The memorable point of the resort is probably the scent, when you leisurely walk in the campus filled with the smell of pine, then step into the room to lớn continue khổng lồ smell the light fragrant wood from the interior.

Villa de Mont Mountain Resort in group 7, Sa pa ward, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai is charming when viewed from above, looks exactly lượt thích a peaceful village in the mountains of Europe like Switzerland . The luxury resort consists of a total of 39 villas located at an altitude of 1,555 m above sea level, in the middle of a centuries-old samu pine forest.

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The resort won a lot of attention from the international community, when it was the place where The Moffats group chose to shoot a music video when they came to lớn Vietnam in early August. In addition, this place also won the “Tourist Oscar” award. WTA awarded the title “Asia’s Leading quality Style Resort”. The rooms have a thiết kế that blends the local identity in the small details & the European breath in the architecture.

One of the most valuable experiences in the resort is enjoying the majestic mountain views from the balcony of each villa. This resort is also one of the easy places to hunt clouds in Sapa. Conde Nast Traveler magazine also praised the resort as one of the most beautiful cloud paradises in the world. A night stay here costs from 8.5 million chungcuqms.comD.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort và Spa Le Lai Street, Ward 5, Da Lat, Lam Dong consists of 17 French-architecture villas, located in the middle of a pine forest near the city center. These villas were built between 1920 – 1930 by the French who settled in domain authority Lat, then degraded & damaged, và were completely restored by the resort.

Some villas have 240-degree viewing angles. Many visitors liken the resort lớn an Oriental Paris, suitable for honeymoons và wedding photography couples, or families to relax & soak up the fresh air. The green lawns are a place to lớn relax and enjoy afternoon tea, enjoy the cool atmosphere of the mountain town.

Inside the rooms have a simple design, the main furniture is wood, with nostalgic Indochinese colors. The equipment in the room was selected from what was left in the villa from the past, adding new items later. A night’s stay at the resort costs 2.7 million chungcuqms.comD.

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